Yes, I love potatoes, they are easy to cook, but have massive effect when added to our menu.

I am Saif, principal creative director, and branding specialist at Saif Salah Designz. I work with individuals and companies. I help them develop their brands to get more exposure at a lower cost. I work with your existing resources or help you identify new resources.

Our vision:
We see the logo as your face and branding as your body parts. Naturally, you don't like to be without any of these parts. We all want to look great and unique and you may change your look many times a year and still, people recognize you. Don't be terrified to change your brand if the change is needed as we believe that your value lies in the quality of your product. Your brand identity becomes your gateway to reach more people.

What we offer you:
While our services might look similar to what others offer, we include a passion for this line of work that manifests in a close working relationship with our clients to realize their ultimate vision at the highest finishing quality, through extensive research, and in a timely manner.

we used to work with 


we are looking to expand our services to the non-profit sector. Our record was not without lending a helping hand to organizations that support society and the environment. And that is through 
our work as volunteers with these firms who provide free services and we, in turn, provide our services as free as possible.

if you need support with the creative side submit your request for review.