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Amazon - DUT1 

We recently collaborated with Amazon, a well-known giant in the industry. It brings us immense joy to have designed a logo for their DUT 1 Team based in Utah. It's been a long-standing dream of ours to showcase our design portfolio for a company of this magnitude, and we're proud to have accomplished that goal. Our design is simple yet effective, reflecting the positive and collaborative environment that Amazon fosters for its leaders and team members.


Brand Identity





In my role, I was tasked with developing multiple innovative and original concepts for both digital and print media. The purpose of these concepts was to present them to the leadership team for their approval and implementation. I invested a significant amount of time and effort into this project, and my hard work paid off as the satisfaction of internal users increased significantly. My focus was on creating designs that were not only visually appealing but also easy to navigate and user-friendly. By doing so, I was able to deliver a product that met the needs of both the company and its employees.

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