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Google's new Gmail logo separates creative people between opponents and supporters.

So, again a new storm hit the logo design gurus. After reveal of the brand package for google company. And we found enormous creative designers and bloggers criticize the design. At the same, everyone knows that we need to give time to absorb and understand any Design.

And that what we ask our clients consistently ' "Nobody falls in love with a logo at first sight. Sagi Haviv

I am not here today to be the attorney for google designers. But this the truth, A significant number of designers trying to explain to the clients we have to create concept work for your customers, not for your team. but your team as a client) should like and understand the reasons behind the visual concept. And I think Google just did that always. They try to tell you as (creative) we have done this to our people, not for you. And someone will say to me I am a creative person and at the same time I am using them platforms. Yes, that true, but they look to you in this situation as a customer, not as a creative. And you have to separate your vision as creative and as an ordinary person when you make your critique.

I think it's healthy when we have creative people they following up and give advice. Just we are looking to see advice get the ball move forward. To create an originative generation, to be more believers in scientific critiques and facts. Build their experience from rigid, positive, and logical bricks.

And let admit there is no perfectionism. We pursue it but never achieve it. And always there is grey, not just black and white.

And there is some fact, do you know the average age for google's employees is 29 years old.

In the end, I would like to say many people are not fams, and they need your critique and advice to improve their career and build their portfolio. Don't hesitate to offer them your experience. They need it more than google. I am not saying that because I don't want you to critique a big company, nothing else like assist whos really in need of your vision.

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