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Yes, the art director needs to have a whiskey Connoisseur talent to be a great leader.

Maybe the title looks weird and makes no sense. But coincidentally, when I am checking the best scotch to drink, the search engine takes me to the fundamental skills the connoisseur should have to check the good whiskey or scotch, and I found many talents this tester should have to see which whiskey is good.

And in the meantime, I am reading the book ( Becoming a Successful Art Director ) to Steven Brower.

When I began reading the article, I noticed unusual points are frequent between the two jobs.

Let's see which points I observed and tell me if I am felicitous with that?

.The connoisseur is aware of the intricacies of the whiskey they are drinking.

-The art director is aware of the project intricacies and where the weaknesses and the strengths of his team.

.The Connoisseur Selecting the Right Glass.

-The art director selecting the right person for each duty.

.The Connoisseur Drink Responsibly And Slowly.

-The art director takes responsibility for the project he ( she ) working on.

and they working step by step to achieve the project goal.

.The Connoisseur Pour For Others First.

-The art director has excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

.The Connoisseur adding Splash Of Water to open up the whiskey flavor.

-The art director adding a splash of encouragement between his ( Her ) teamwork to open up their creativity.

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