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Red Chilli Restaurant

A popular Middle Eastern restaurant, known for its exceptional use of spices, particularly paprika, has recently refreshed its brand identity. The establishment has gained recognition for its skillful integration of various spices into its delicious dishes, cementing its status as a leading culinary hotspot in the area.


Brand Identity | Packaging


Red Chilli



Our vision & challenges:

The emblem that represents our brand showcases a harmonious combination of vibrant red and green peppers. These two types of peppers are known to be extensively utilized in diverse culinary creations. Specifically, the fiery hot pepper is an essential component that adds depth and complexity to many dishes. Our logo serves as a visual representation of this fundamental element that plays a crucial role in the art of cooking.

The peppers were rolled together, and their heads met to symbolize effective communication and trust between customers and employers. The foundation of any spicy flavor is comprised of green and red peppers, with red peppers signifying heat and green peppers representing fresh ingredients.

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