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Vapor Lab (Case Study)

The Vapor Lab is an electronic cigarette and vapor company that offers total customization, quality, American-made e-liquids. Our mission is to provide our guests with the newest and highest quality products, personalized knowledge about products to suit each individual’s style and preference.


Brand Identity, Print, Packaging 


Retail store 



. Bad reputation
Everyone knows that the e-cigarette market is experiencing a wave of cash that is more dangerous than regular cigarettes. From our brand, we need to reveal to our community what the real, not exaggerated, risks are for smokers in particular and non-smokers in general. We must confront these criticisms with our new visual identity and colorize approach. 

. sustain and expand
We need, through our new visual identity, to preserve the quantity and type of customers with us, as well as through them we need to attract a larger amount of smokers after they see a new identity, which shows fruits and products of picturesque color far from the familiar picture of smoking, which is intensive smoke. We want to show the consumer the electronic cigarette is not only intensive smoke. But many factors, including health on top of the list. 

. change mission
We are trying, through this work, to shift out of the reality of the deadly tar cigarette, the stench, the secondhand smoke, and many other reasons, to an area that contains significantly less risk. We are trying hard to make the world, with scientific terms, turn to a less dangerous habit.