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Water Ground 

Our team had the privilege to partner with a distinguished pumping company headquartered in the Middle East. This illustrious organization has extensive expertise in managing and extracting groundwater and operates in various sectors such as water management, well-drilling, pumping tests, and construction dewatering. Our team has been entrusted with the crucial responsibility of enhancing its brand identity to effectively showcase its services and values. We are fully dedicated to delivering top-notch results that precisely reflect their organization and make a long-lasting impact on their target audience.


Identity & Branding





Our vision & challenges:

Our company is dedicated to providing water to projects in order to aid them in their successful completion. We take our mission very seriously, and as such, we have carefully chosen a symbol that represents our unwavering commitment to this goal. The fore udder symbol is the perfect embodiment of our values, as it symbolizes not only the provision of water, but also the nourishment that sustains life. This powerful emblem serves as a constant reminder of our company's mission and values, and it inspires us to work tirelessly to achieve our goals. In addition to the fore udder symbol, we have also chosen to incorporate the image of a cow into our new emblem. This reflects our company's focus on land reform, as cows are an integral part of sustainable agriculture. By combining these two powerful concepts, we have created an emblem that perfectly encapsulates our company's mission and values, and we are proud to display it as a symbol of our dedication to our work.

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