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Hayder Qasim - Photographer, Cameraman

Born in Baghdad during the First Gulf War, Hayder Qasim had to flee Iraq amidst the ISIS conflict. He pursued his education at the University of Baghdad, studying at both the Institute of Fine Arts and the Academy of Drama Theatre and Acting. Despite his academic background, his passion lies in photography and cinematography, which he has successfully transformed from a hobby to a profession. Hayder has created a diverse range of works, including documentary films, news reports, TV series, political satires, and more. His photographic art captures the essence of the present moment, revealing its hidden beauty. Through his work, Hayder aims to bring attention to the injustices in his homeland, documenting them with his camera lens. In Austria, he collaborated with the University of Vienna, producing a four-part documentary, multiple music videos (both behind and in front of the camera), and numerous snapshots. Currently, he is busy working on his own documentary film and preparing for an upcoming exhibition.


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Hayder Qasim



The idea of ​​the logo:

Photography, as an art form, is composed of various elements that come together to create a visually compelling image. These elements include focus, which is the sharpness or clarity of the subject, and out-of-focus techniques that add depth and dimension to the image. The photographer plays a critical role in organizing these elements, as they strive to capture and document important moments in a way that is both visually striking and emotionally resonant. By mastering the use of focus and out-of-focus techniques, a photographer can create images that are truly works of art.

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