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Hayder Qasim - Photographer, Cameraman

Hayder Qasim was born in Baghdad during the First Gulf War and fled Iraq during the ISIS war. He studied at the University of Baghdad at the Institute of Fine Arts and the Academy of Drama Theatre and Acting. However, his passion is behind the camera. He has turned his hobby into his profession. He is a photographer and cameraman and has made documentary films, reports, news, TV series, political satires, among others. In his photos, he tries to capture the present moment and to point out the hidden beauty. He wants to draw attention to the abuses in his country and has documented this photographically.

In Austria, together with the University of Vienna, he shot a four-part documentary, made several music videos (behind the camera as well as a montage) and taken many snapshots with the camera. He is currently working on his own documentary and an exhibition.


Identity & Branding, Print


Hayder Qasim



The idea of ​​the logo:

a set of basic elements that are formed the image through them. Through the hand and the organization of the degree of focus and out-focus for the elements inside the image, which is the basis of the work of the photographer and through it tries to document the most important moments.