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Veterans Without Order 

It is a non-profit organization, based in Kansas City, MO. Helping people with water crises.

We rebranded the whole concept for them by:


Art Direction

Social Media Manager





Logo vision:

The logo was chosen based on the following criteria:

Leaf: a symbol of permanence and a clean environment

Time: what people spend to collect water

Veterans: the people who're helping the suffering from water crises

sunshine: Attracting donors by putting a symbol of hope

Saturation: Our goal is to bring communities suffering from a lack of clean water to the stage of saturation

Women: The part that spent a lot of energy and time to find drinking water

BrandGuide vwo_02 About.jpg

From my point of view, I could not find a justification to keep the word without and the word order. I found the focus on the word veteran, which is already more and stronger indication, in turn, we shorten the road between the suffering and the donor,

I found it better to shorten the word as well.