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Adobe Experience Platform, and how it helps your business

Put your data to work in real time.

Experience Platform, the foundation of Experience Cloud products, is an open system that transforms all your data — Adobe and non-Adobe — into robust customer profiles that update in real time and uses AI-driven insights to help you to deliver the right experiences across every channel.

What Platform can do for you?

Experience Platform delivers powerful application services with unprecedented functionality.

1. Behavior-driven insights:

Analyze cross-channel customer interactions in one interface.

2. Personalization in real time:

Activate real-time customer profiles for instant personalization.

3. Customer journeys at scale:

Create individual journeys that adapt to customer behavior.

4. Intelligent optimization:

Build artificial intelligence into every workflow.

Data is ingested by platform, standardized for intelligence and profile creation, then activated to any system — including Experience Cloud — in real time.

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