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Does Brand Culture Build or is it Inherent in a Company?

The importance of brand culture has risen in the modern business world. It refers to the values, beliefs, and behaviors that define a brand and shape its relationship with employees, customers, and stakeholders. A question arises: Does brand culture develop over time or exist inherently from a company's beginning? This article explores this topic and the relationship between brand culture and company origins.

To build a strong brand culture, a company must intentionally develop core values, establish a clear mission and vision, and cultivate behaviors and practices that align with these principles. Company leadership, recruitment and onboarding, communication and training, and employee engagement are all important factors in building brand culture.

However, it can also be argued that brand culture is inherent and deeply rooted in a company's origins. Startups and small businesses often embed their core values into their organizations. The brand culture that emerges is a reflection of the founder's beliefs and aspirations. As the company grows, it must make intentional efforts to sustain and reinforce its values.

The development of brand culture is a dynamic interplay between building and inherent factors. While a company's origins provide direction, ongoing efforts from leaders and employees shape, refine, and reinforce brand culture. A strong brand culture evolves and adapts as a company grows and faces new challenges, requiring continuous investment and alignment with stakeholders' changing needs and expectations.

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