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Does medium changed their logo with no reason?

Just from the one year ago, I create a new account on the Medium blogging platform, which is not a long time till now Medium has been changed its logo look for the third time.

I am not going to talk about the period before I got on the platform, and that's its make thinking about two areas.

1. keep pace with development.

2. lack of contentment.

And either way, it indicates renovation and how the company mission aligned with the people's visions.

Because I don't think a project like Medium doesn't have future vision and brand purpose, to keep changing their logo every time.

Or maybe they follow cell phone companies when they reveal every year's new phone with nothing new or sometimes fewer features and accessories.

However, Medium is a great platform, and I eager to read at least 5 to 7 articles every week from their platform.

Good luck for them, and I hope they keep going forward with every year with a new logo or without.

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