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What should be your Brain As a Brand Manager to improve your work?

I know it is not easy to complete project content multi-functions by yourself, but this is the freelance profession. But I break it down to expedite the mission.

Most people bond either emotionally or practically with other people. Except limited of them always try to distribute their actions to the responsible side of their brain. And this helps you a lot to make a great decision regardless of the relationship you have with another side.

And with our field, we need to use both sides but with control. And know when, why, where to use.

Firstly, let us know some scientific facts about the brain:

  1. Sixty percent of the human brain is made of fat.

  2. Your brain is not fully formed until age 25.

  3. Your brain’s storage capacity is considered virtually unlimited.

and there is more if you like go to:

Let us break down for you:

As we know, all people have left and right brain, each side has

responsibilities different from each other.

1. Left Side responsibilities:

- Logic

- Verbal

- love

- talk

- tradition

2. Right Side responsibilities:

- Emotion

- Visual

- unusual

- Creative

Ok, But I am a Brand Manager, Not a psychologist!

I know, but you deal with people's behavior!

you have to know what, when, how they Acting-with to build a cohesive


By, creating a bridge between your brain's sides, translating their need, and create an integrated function between creativity and strategy. Right and left. And as a freelance BRAND MANAGER, you have to manage everything by yourself.

Are you break down your project like this. could you separate and combine your brain like a Jigsaw puzzle?

Tell me about your way. I am happy to hear and learn more from you.

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