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why we need sonic rings to create great work for our clients?

Initially, I was hesitant when my son told me to join him to watch the Sonic Hedgehog movie. Then I said yes because I don't want him to think I am not sharing his interests. Two minutes later, the movie scenes attracted me, and I watched it till the end.

And here is what I found.

Sonic Rings:

it's a portal allows sonic to get into another world.

Which world did I mean?!

1. Client world:

designers need to occupy the client world and be instead of them. Thinking like them, planning like them, to know what they are looking to accomplish.

2. The Customers of our client world:

We need to know many things about the customers that we create the project for. Their needs, and how to build trust and break all the barriers between our client and their consumers.

As a self-employed or freelance, you need to be a salesperson. Also, you have to know some marketing principles to check the costumer's age, gender, and tend to match their needs with the brand identity or strategy you are doing for your client. Understand the market trajectory to keep your client on the right track.

Working with both sides of your mind by your-self it's not easy, but also it's not impossible. I am not trying to make it hard for you, but I need you to know small things about everything to help you stand out between your peers and keep people looking for you specifically.

Clients want to feel the person whos set in front of them knowledgeable, problem-solver, and affordable.

Keep on your mind, from your side, you get paid for all these skills as well. So its mutual benefit, and each side want to get more benefits.

So after that, how many rings you need to be more convenient to the next project?

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