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The wisdom of branding

The story began when I moved from the middle east to America. I found that the interest in making the branding is an integrated world. And I found that the importance of its industry is no less important than the manufacture of the product itself. Its industry requires full knowledge of its elements and functions.

Why all the attention to the branding industry?

The product inside any company is like a new person you want to get to know, but you may be apprehensive or hesitant or do not have enough confidence to initiate and introduce yourself to it, and here we must address the brand elements that represent the elements that psychologically qualify you to move forward and get to know more about the other side. Knowing your tools, weaknesses, and strengths is one of the most important aspects through which you can understand the mechanism and steps through which you can present yourself.

How to cultivate trust within your branding?

Confidence is cultivated through the true knowledge of who you are, your goals, your aspirations, and everything related to your personality. And try to implement all these points on the ground and transfer them professionally to the customer. Because the customer is always the receiving end of the performance. And your brand is the initiative for that.

How to be an 'initiator' rather than a 'response' as a brand maker?

Here the initiative means knowing the maze of the market and knowing your competitors and the target customer. And the work of a character suitable for all these aspects, through the work of a voice, an attitude, a goal, and many other requirements.

Humanize the brand:

Since all the interacting sides are human, this takes us to the humanization of the branding. That is, we must make them breathe, live like a person, and perform their tasks to be more realistic, and the more realistic they are, the more real they are, and the more real they are, the closer to humans. Because there are commonalities between it and the side interacting with it, and thus the conclusion drawn is truer and what comes out of the heart reaches the heart.

Have an attitude and a role in your environment:

Like any human being without a specific position and principles, they do not have a role in the environment or society in which he lives, the brand also without a position or a directional role will be unreal. What happens around it is not perceptible or of value within the society in which it arose, and here it is worth noting that the environment and society are not defined by terrain or climate but with the attitude they have.

The wisdom that I would like to say here is that branding is a human initiative to make a certain system human and realistic that simulates the human realistically and literally and reflects its actions, tendencies, and feelings to build a relationship between it and the customer.


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